How to Spread Joy to Your Family and Friends

Everything Seems Harder, But This is the Real Problem...

With so many negative vibes out in the world, it’s no wonder people are down and depressed. From high-stress jobs to relationship issues, it’s easy to fall victim to the sad doldrums of a busy life.

If you find yourself the chipper one in your inner circle, maybe it’s time to spread some of that joy around. Learn some techniques to do just that and help those nearest and dearest along the way.

Just Smile

One of the easiest ways to spread happiness and joy to those around you is to smile. It’s so simple, and it’s free! According to a recent study, smiling has an impact on feelings and emotional status. Yours may help someone in need to feel appreciated and cared about. A smile can also trigger a loved one to smile back, which may have an added impact on their mood.

Lift Their Burdens

One way to change the mood of a stressed loved one is to lend a helping hand. Is your sister a single mom caring for a big yard all by herself? Reach out and offer to help clean up garden beds, pull weeds or fix a broken gate.

Spend the day to help an overworked caregiver with a sick spouse, parent or child. Offer them some respite while they get their hair cut at the spa. It may take a whole Saturday from you, but it’ll provide a chance for your friend or family member to take a break from their overwhelming life.

Spread Words of Kindness

Bringing happiness into someone’s life doesn’t require a ton of money or effort. Spread words of kindness. Do you know someone suffering from isolation or depression? Donate a few minutes of your time to pick up the phone and show them your care. Share old stories, tell them an uplifting story or reminisce about your favorite memories with them. Encourage them through kind, uplifting words.

Do a Secret RAK

You can spread joy by offering a kind act. Many people are performing random acts of kindness, or RAKs, these days. Why not do it for a friend or family member who’s having a down day?

Surprise them with a workday lunch. Or maybe flowers and a gift card to their favorite fashion boutique. Maybe take your dad out to his favorite ballpark for an evening of fun. Do something unexpected to bring joy to someone’s heart.

Making another person’s day better starts with you. If you see a loved one down and lonely, you have the power to help change their attitude. Whether it’s with caring words or a card filled with a little cash, you’d be surprised how far one small gesture can go. It may bring more joy to you than it does to them.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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