These Items Instantly Make Your Home More Cozy

Cozy home

Having a cozy home shouldn’t be reserved for cold weather. A home is not only a place you can come home to after a long day. It’s a retreat that’s supposed to be comforting, welcoming, and pleasant.

There are ways to quickly take a bland room and turn it into a cozy haven. These affordable items will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy every time you walk through your door!

Warm-toned Paint

Most homes and apartments you first move into will have plain white walls. This often makes the space feel cold and empty. When considering colors to paint your walls, steer away from cooler-tones. Colors with warm undertones are the key to coziness.

If you’re more on the minimalist side, this can even look like a neutral beige or tan. Having a warmer toned paint instantly transforms the room and compliments any natural light that comes in. 

Incorporate Wood

Bring in wooden elements. This could include wooden tables, dressers, table accents, or wall decor. Depending on your preference, the type of wood is entirely up to you. Wooden elements are perfect for creating a homey feeling.

Layer Rugs

Rugs are subtle, yet impactful. Top your wooden floor with a rug that will not only be soft to the touch, but will take up some empty floor space! Have fun with textures rather than flashy patterns with rugs as well, adding warmth without showiness to the space.

Stay Old-School

While there are several trending modern ways of decorating, sometimes keeping some more old-fashioned trinkets are just as fun! They don’t need to be family heirlooms, but anything antique or retro will bring that homeyness to your space. However, if you do have any heirloom decorations, those passed-down pieces are sure to level up the coziness. 

Add Organic Elements

Plants such as flowers, succulents, and other greenery will bring more life into your home. If maintaining a bigger plant sounds intimidating, start with some small succulents and go from there. Buy some hanging pots or place your plants along a windowsill. You’ll get that same peaceful feeling you get from being out in nature. 

Pillows and Blankets

You can never have too many pillows and blankets! After coming home after a long day, there’s nothing like cuddling up on the couch with something soft. Pillows and blankets are also a great chance to add a splash of color and personality to your space. They’re affordable, aesthetic, and comforting!

Use Warm Metals

This is more important when it comes to decorating. Curtain rods, bulbs/light fixtures, and other hardware-like items can add warmth to a space. Try looking for more yellow-toned light bulbs, and copper/gold-plated items to add character to your home.

Heavy Curtains

If your house or apartment comes with sheer linen curtains, swap them out for a heavier fabric. Find organic or neutral toned ones, colors that blend into the space. The presence of neutral, heavy-duty curtains make for a truly cozy home.

These design tips are sure to make your living space feel like a warm hug. Try them out for yourself and see just how much it transforms your time at home!