Affordable Fall Decorating

The Fall season has arrived, and it’s time to get into the holiday décor spirit! However, decorating can be costly, so if you’re on a budget, here are a few low-cost ideas.

Get Colorful!

First things first! Think autumnal colors such as oranges, reds, and yellows with accents of white, cream, green, browns, and rustic metals. Write that down, now let’s go visit the local thrift stores!

Pro-Tip: If your local thrift store has a discount day, make sure to put that on your calendar for the best savings. Also, many thrift stores will negotiate prices if you’re willing to ask.

Shop for items such as amber-colored glass, vintage fall-colored books, baskets, wooden trays, or cool large platters. Look for small, cute furniture such as little chairs, ladders, or anything interesting with a barn-style look. Metal items such as pitchers, vintage birdcages, platters, etc., are also nice looking for decorating. Other items to look for are chunky yarn blankets or throws, chalkboards, cool lamps, or lanterns. If you find a cool item that’s in a non-autumn color, you can always paint with cool vintage-looking paint or spray paint.

Natural Decorations

Suppose you’re lucky enough to find Amber glass or another cool colored glass. In that case, it can be used for a nice-looking vase, candy dish, or just a stand-alone decoration with interesting items such as cinnamon pinecones, acorns, or other interesting-looking seeds and leaves. If you have good trees in your backyard, trim some branches with fall leaves and display them in your fall-style glass or vase. If you don’t have a yard, take a walk in the neighborhood and trim some bushes, branches, or fall flowers to display.

Add a Classy Touch

Vintage books are in right now for cool decor displays. Look for autumn-colored vintage books that can be set up in small stacks as a pedestal for a nice candle on the mantle or maybe a small pumpkin with fall leaves and battery-powered twinkle lights for a magical look.

If you can find a wooden tray or a cool ceramic platter, you can create a nice centerpiece display for your home. Add a glass vase (hopefully that lucky amber one) items, candles, fall leaves, small gourds, and candles. Another idea is metal farm-style items to set up, such as fall branches and leaves in milk pitchers.

Budget Items

Baskets are always a great décor option, and thrift stores usually have an abundance of them. Find a basket that calls to you and fill it up with gourds, pumpkins, and corn stalks for your patio display. If you need an indoor display, shop for a cornucopia basket that you can display on your dining room table.

Get Thrifty

Other great items suggestions are cute vintage furniture or things like old bird cages. Simply spraypaint your selected pieces with white spray paint and give them a little sanding for that nice vintage look. Depending on what you find, these can display blankets, pumpkins, candles, etc.

Happy fall decorating, and remember, if you’re resourceful, you never have to spend a lot of money!