5 Ways to Decorate with Nature

Generating ambiance and flow indoors starts with bringing the outdoors inside. The feel of a natural setting can create a calming environment that changes with the seasons, filling your home with sights and smells that enrich the spirit and rejuvenate each room. Not sure where to start? Try these ideas to bring a nature-vibe ambiance to your space. 

1. Amazing Centerpieces

Home interior retailers use natural elements like branches, wood bowls, acorns, and pinecones in their designs. Stepping out into nature gives you a great opportunity to collect “found” natural pieces and work them into your everyday style.

Achieve the same look for free. Collect items and create stellar centerpieces. From stones to moss, use the elements you find to build up the center of the table. Fill a glass vase with leaves and acorns. Accent with a faux flickering candle. Highlight the look with large seed pods and antlers. 

2. Seasonal Wreaths

Taking a hike into the wilderness can bring about more than peace and tranquility. Gather items for accenting the home. The haul can be seasonal depending on your area, and of course, you need permission if taking something from someone’s property. 

Look for a newly harvested wheat field. Is there anything left behind? Collect a few armfuls and create your own wheat wreath for the door or mantel. Add Indian corn, corn stalks, and dried sunflower heads for a beautiful autumn touch for the fall. 

In the winter, forage for red winterberries, fresh evergreens, and pinecones for a festive wreath. Paint the pinecones silver, gold, blue or red for a striking display. A spring or summer wreath can incorporate fresh or dried flowers, beach finds, shells, and tree bark. Wrap up the look with an accent ribbon. Hang it on the door and create a welcoming entrance. 

3. Tree Branches

Instead of burning fallen branches or sending them to the compost pile, try using them for home decor. Birch branches are popular among crafters. If you see some fallen, take them home to create an accent piece. 

Create your own light-up tree. Gather a few branches and wrap them together with brown floral tape at the base to form a sturdy “tree.” From there, secure in a large pot. Wrap faux leaves around the branches along with fairy lights. This will create a stunning piece of lighted decor for any room. 

4. Charcuterie Boards

Have a large fallen tree that’s about to get hauled away? Be sure to save a log or two. Have a couple of pieces sliced into irregular, natural patterns for future craft projects. 

Take a slim piece and sand it down smooth, then seal both sides with a natural wax finish. Turn it into a natural charcuterie board for entertaining guests. Wow them with not only delectable meats and treats, but also a natural element that’s one of a kind. 

5. Live Plant Wall

If you have a true love for plants but lack interior and exterior space, a live indoor plant wall may be a solution. You can use a recycled base such as an old gutter or a wooden pallet. Make sure there’s a drainable container for your plants and an accessible space for watering and feeding. 

Fill in with a variety of houseplants that will thrive and fill in fast. Some contenders include:

  • Philodendron
  • Snake plant
  • Anthurium
  • Ferns
  • Hens and chicks

Consider filling in with faux plants until the wall takes off. Create the wall near direct sunlight and remove dead material as needed. 

There are several ways to bring natural elements inside, creating a subtle, calming environment that boosts the air quality too. Sure, it’s easy to go to a big-box retailer or home design store to get the latest home accessories, but why spend money on faux goods when you can create the real thing? A simple outdoor trek can turn into a bountiful harvest for your interior decorating style!