What Are Love Languages?

What are love languages

What are love languages? A book was released back in 1992 by Gary Chapman on the concept of love languages. Since then, people have searched for themselves to find out what theirs are and what they prefer.

Gary Chapman’s goal in writing this book was to enlighten people of common patterns of how people give and receive love. Knowing what love languages are and understanding them has been proven to strengthen relationships! 

So, what are love languages? Keep reading to find out!

Quality Time

The first love language is known as quality time. People with this love language feel cared for and appreciated when another person makes an effort to spend one-on-one, uninterrupted time with them. They feel loved when they see the other person making time for them a priority.

Quality time can include going on a walk with the person, getting coffee, or simply watching a movie. Quality time can also include being near or in the same room as the person. 

What quality time looks like depends on the person. Either way, this person feels loved when someone chooses to make time throughout the week to spend time with them. They feel like they are a priority and are important to them.

Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are pretty common in relationships, but the actual meaning of it often gets lost in translation. Some might think that receiving words of affirmation is a form of flattery. However, it’s actually a method of deepening vulnerability and connection. 

Whether it’s verbalizing positive traits or recognizing achievements, words of affirmation also look different for each person. Everyone has their own style of expression. 

Physical Touch

This love language can be easily misconstrued. Just because someone is a physical touch person, doesn’t mean they are obsessed with cringe-worthy PDA.

Physical touch can look like a brief scratching of the back, a quick kiss on the forehead, or holding the person’s hand in the car. This type of person is greatly comforted by touch from people they trust. 

Acts of Service

One example of an act of service includes helping a significant other with daily tasks. Showing up to help without being asked means the world in this love language. 

Acts of service are often found in a person who has a lot on their plate and appreciates assistance. These actions are a very practical way to show your loved ones how you feel. 

Receiving Gifts

If you or your significant other is a gifts person, they feel loved and appreciated when the other person chooses to give them a gift. The gift doesn’t always need to be something extravagant or grand, but rather something thoughtful and sentimental. 

This type of person feels like their partner knows them by the gifts they choose to give them. They see the time the other person took to think of and buy the gift and are very appreciative and impacted by them.