What Your Go-To Coffee Order Says About Your Personality

Coffee order

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you’ve tried a few different styles of coffee in your day. No matter how many types of coffee you’ve tasted, you probably have one order that’s your go-to for any coffee shop. 

Whatever your preference, the type of coffee you drink may reveal something about your personality…

Black Coffee

Plain old black coffee may allude to a more type A personality. You’re content with simple living and a slow pace of life. People tend to trust you because you’re more honest and self-aware than most.

Once you know what you want, you don’t deviate from it. When it comes down to the wire, you get things done efficiently. You’re determined, focused, and always ready to take on the day… after a cup of coffee of course.


If you’re a latte fanatic, you’re a social butterfly. Even though you love people, you probably prefer spending time with your close-knit friend group over a big party. You value comfort, art, and slow starts to your otherwise busy day. 

Although you can sometimes be a people-pleaser, anyone would consider themselves lucky to call you their friend. You see an incredible amount of worth in helping others, and you make it a point to spread kindness often. You find joy in refining your routine and might even dabble in color-coordinating your calendar for the week.  

Iced Coffee

If iced coffee is your go-to beverage, you’re likely a little chaotic- in a good way! You love adventure and you’re always down to do something wildly spontaneous. Finding new ways to enjoy the little things in life is your specialty.

You have more of a childlike essence than most people do, and you love to have fun. However, this sometimes causes you to rush through responsibilities, procrastinate, or neglect self-care for the sake of entertainment. Instead of caffinating your distractions, you can use that giant cup of iced coffee as a motivator to get your work done and tackle your to-do list!


If you are a regular tea drinker, you may focus more on health, refreshment, and self-care. Tea is typically used as a substitute for ex-coffee drinkers. This is because tea helps you feel lighter and less jittery while still getting a necessary boost of energy.

As a fan of tea, you’re likely low-maintenance. You avoid stress as much as possible and focus on things that bring life and happiness. You worry or feel overly sensitive at times, but you take good care of yourself overall. 

Although go-to coffee order does not define your personality, it is interesting to see how your choices reflect your character traits. Knowing these things might open your eyes to some actions that you did not realize.


Now go order that coffee that you have been craving!