Minimalism vs. Maximalism- Which Style Is Better?

Minimalism Maximalism

An essential part of home decorating is knowing your personal style. Perhaps you like to pick up knick-knacks at thrift stores that show off your personality and interests. However, having lots of little items everywhere can easily feel cluttered. Instead, you might be apt to keep a clean and tidy space with only a tasteful amount of decorations. Minimalism and Maximalism are the core behind all decoration styles.

Which of these interior design styles is better for your space- minimalism or maximalism? Find out which of these decorating philosophies you should try out!


When decorating as a minimalist, you always have cleanliness and organization in mind. Countertops are generally left empty, and all decorations have some sort of use or function. People who gravitate toward this style tend to appreciate the tidiness of minimalism because it helps them bring peace and clarity. 

One way to keep a minimalist aesthetic is to find creative ways to store your everyday items. Cohesive containers with labels help you to ensure that everything you own has a home. Baskets are also a great storage solution to making your space look stylish and clean. 


Maximalism is the idea that you should decorate your space with anything and everything that brings you joy. Instead of keeping one cohesive style, a maximalist space is an eclectic mashup of styles. The goal is to be surrounded by items representing who you are and what you find most beautiful about the world. 

Anybody that wants to try out this aesthetic simply needs to shop for decor items that make them happy. With maximalism, the sky’s the limit. Furniture can be full of colorful patterns. You may cover walls in old photos, and houseplants can line every shelf. Every room can be as unique and as quirky as you want it to be. 

Finding Your Style

There’s not really a “right” answer when it comes to interior design. The real question you need to ask yourself is how you want to feel when you walk into your room. What makes you feel at home? What do you want friends and family to experience when they come and visit you?

If you’re more nostalgic, you might enjoy collecting little mementos that represent important memories. A maximalist design style might be best suited for you. If a tidy space helps you keep a peaceful mind, stick with a minimalist aesthetic to usher in some extra calm. 

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