Do You Qualify For Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance
Financial assistance

Life seems to be needlessly expensive lately. You’re probably looking for every chance to save a few pennies. Have you considered applying for financial assistance?

Asking for money from the government might not sound very appealing, but it’s a huge help when you need it. There are tons of different forms of government assistance. If you really need help with your finances, there’s a good chance there’s some money waiting for you.

If you’re struggling financially, now is the time to get on top of your finances by asking for help. You never know what you could get until you try, so start searching as soon as you can!

How can you get financial assistance?

The government has a ton of money to help people in need. So if you have a noticeable struggle, you will most likely receive something. However, it’s hard to know exactly how much you can get from the government until you apply for specific programs. 

There are loads of programs depending on what your need is. Many government programs focus on helping your living conditions, income, and family situations through your finances.

Financial help is typically based on and centered around need. This means that the less money or resources you have, the more you are likely to receive. If you haven’t checked your eligibility for assistance by now, it’s time to look into how much money you can get to help yourself and your family.

What are the different kinds of assistance?

The government is the first place you can check when you need financial help. Read through these programs and see if any match your situation. If you find one that you think could help you, apply for it!

There are a few different forms of financial help you can receive from the government specifically. The primary forms of help have to do with food, housing, health insurance, and utilities or other necessities. However, some specific programs might fit your situation. 


Food Stamps is the best resource to check out if you need help with groceries. If you are eligible, you’ll receive an EBT card with money on it. You can use this at participating grocery stores for a ton of different food items. 


The Public Housing Agency (PHA) is an organization that prioritizes finding clean housing for people who need it. This is specifically for people with low income, elderly people, and people with disabilities. 

The Disaster Relief program is for more specific situations. If you’ve been in a serious natural disaster and have faced the loss of a family member or damage to your home, this is for you. 

Even certain legal issues, theft, and farmland issues are covered. If any of this applies to you, get that financial relief as soon as possible.

Health Insurance

Medicaid is a great choice when looking for healthcare that you can actually afford. These payments are low-cost or sometimes no-cost. 

Medicaid could save you tons on those expensive healthcare costs. Plus, they’ve helped over 91 million people so far! 

Other programs are a little more specific. Medicare is specifically for people who are 65 years old or older or have disabilities. 

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is another great option. This is a federal and state program that helps parents get their children proper healthcare. This fills that awkward financial gap between Medicaid and private coverage.

TRICARE is another form of healthcare specific to uniformed service members, service members’ families, and retirees. Similarly, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) help veterans with their healthcare costs.

Lastly, there’s the Indian Health Service (IHS) program. This program helps Native Americans and Alaska Natives get the healthcare they need.

Utilities and Necessities 

Welfare or TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) provides help for people who take care of other people. This involves housing, food, childcare, energy costs, and even job training.

Unemployment is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This program helps people who lost their job get the help they need. This is only applicable if you weren’t fired because of your own actions.

Survivor Benefits helps those who have lost someone who acted as the provider in their family. These benefits help provide financial help for people who have lost that provider and need help with that financial deficit.

Student Aid is specific to the expensive costs of college. This is something that tons of people use every year to help pay for school. In fact, over 85% of students use financial aid for their tuition.

If you are still confused about how to find the exact government assistance you’re eligible for, there are tools for you. You can use the Benefit Finder to determine what benefits you might be eligible for. 

What do you do if you’re not eligible?

If you aren’t eligible for these programs, don’t worry. There are a few resources you can try outside of government assistance. 

There are a lot of local organizations that help with financial costs. The first thing you can do is call 211.

211 is a number designed to connect people to local help for housing. It’s completely free and confidential, so there’s no need to stress about anything!

This could also be for resources in your area outside of housing programs. You might be able to find help paying bills or be pointed to places to find the right resources you need. They can also point you toward communities that you can join in your area.

It’s worth a search!

There is so much help out there for people who need it. If you need financial assistance, start with these resources! Don’t waste any more time stressing about your next paycheck not covering those looming bills.

Try out the Benefit Finder and call 211 to find your local office and see what options you have. You never know what benefits you could receive from a little bit of research.

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