Sagittarius Horoscope

Jun 21, 2021… Sagittarians will be able to see so clearly, it could almost seem as if they have a crystal ball today. If you’re having one of those rare moments when you have ultimate vision, find a way to use it to your advantage — and no, that doesn’t mean you’ll figure out the winning Lotto numbers (but you can try!). When things are so transparent, it makes everything a little easier. Decisions, plans, and goals can all get a boost from this energy.

Today’s Soul Advice: There is a lot we can learn about ourselves by watching how we react to the world and to people. If someone says something that angers you, you can ask yourself if it’s an issue you may need to delve more deeply into. Or perhaps something makes you unexpectedly delighted, which leads you to pick up a new hobby or pastime. Know thyself and then learn some more.