Aries Horoscope

Jun 16, 2024… You’re likely to be more energetic than usual today, Aries. Share the wealth and give a friend in need a hand if the situation arises. If you notice somebody struggling, you can shed some of your excess energy by giving them a helpful boost. You might not even have to offer more than your encouragement. Sometimes all you need to do to show someone how to live their dreams and be themselves is let them know that somebody believes they can.

Today’s Soul Advice: When you feel like humans are unnecessarily super complicated, just know that scientists have deemed the human brain to be one of the most complex things that we know about in the universe. That’s right, our brains take a prize for being ridiculously complicated. So, yeah, humans are enigmas and we’re still trying to figure ourselves out, but that’s okay! Just keep your curiosity about yourself and human nature fresh and you’ll learn something new each day without even trying.