Gemini Horoscope

Jun 16, 2024… Everything that you touch today will likely be infused with passion, Gemini. If you have a project you’re struggling to complete, your energy is ripe for making progress on it today. In fact, you can probably get excited about just about anything you do. Try some things you don’t normally do, or tackle something back-burnered on your to-do list. You’ve got the creative energy burning inside. Use it!

Today’s Soul Advice: When you feel like humans are unnecessarily super complicated, just know that scientists have deemed the human brain to be one of the most complex things that we know about in the universe. That’s right, our brains take a prize for being ridiculously complicated. So, yeah, humans are enigmas and we’re still trying to figure ourselves out, but that’s okay! Just keep your curiosity about yourself and human nature fresh and you’ll learn something new each day without even trying.