Gemini Horoscope

Sep 28, 2023… True to your sign, you could have a tendency to be extra spicy today. Gemini may be witty and charming most of the time, but you can clap back with the best of them. This probably isn’t the way you want to start your Thursday. It’s best to get a handle on things right now. Vent to a friend to get if off your chest, then focus on the stuff you have to look forward to. Letting it out and letting it go sets you up for a bright weekend.

Today’s Soul Advice: Life can be very simple when we choose not to complicate things. Live in and taste each moment. Find joy in the simple and the ordinary. See the sky as if you were a famous painter or hear the music as if you were the creator of symphonies. Each moment is precious and can be filled with wonder if we just allow it to be.