You Wouldn’t Believe What Mother Nature Is Really Capable Of…

mother nature capable

Nature is full of wonders and unbelievable surprises. Waves of water that glow, a fire that never dies- there’s no telling the kinds of things that remain undiscovered. Mother nature is capable of some pretty bizarre phenomena. Would you even think that some of these naturally occurring phenomena really exist on this planet?


What does it mean when something is “bioluminescent”? The prefix “bio” means “life”, and the word “luminescent” indicates something that gives off light. Together, they signify that a living creature is giving off light like an inanimate object normally would.

Most of the time, when a creature is bioluminescent, it is meant to live in a dark habitat. Deep-sea fish give off a bright glow as well as nocturnal fireflies. However, some organisms live in strange places…

There are microscopic bioluminescent creatures that make ocean waves look glow-in-the-dark. Surfers ride these waves in awe of the trail of a bright blue light following behind them. Several species of plants give off an eerie neon glow in the foliage of bioluminescent jungles. 

Phenomenal Flocks

There’s nothing more marvelous than seeing a group of animals move perfectly in sync with one another. Seeing winged creatures flying in cloud-like swarms can be both terrifying and beautiful. 

Starlings are a type of bird that is known for being in magnificently large groups. A flock of starlings is called a murmuration. Because of how large and coordinated these murmurations are, they’re intimidating to any potential predators that would attempt to hunt one of these birds on their own. 

Monarch butterflies also have awe-inspiring migration patterns. A kaleidoscope is a group of butterflies whose populations can range in the millions. Together, they take a yearly trip over thousands of miles to create a new population of butterflies.

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