3 Physical Signs that You’re Holding onto Emotional Pain

Emotions are hard. Relationships are even harder. Sometimes to make other people feel better, or to end an argument, we swallow our hurt or our anger. Those negative emotions don’t simply disappear because we want them to. If we aren’t able to work through our bad feelings and disappointments, they can fester in our minds and even manifest themselves as physical symptoms in our bodies.

If you have had physical pain or symptoms and your healthcare team hasn’t been able to find a medical reason, you may be dealing with an ailment of the soul. Is your inner self in need of healing? We always recommend that you talk to your physician first about any physical symptoms you are experiencing, but if you have and you’re still looking for answers, you may want to consider this list of some of the physical signs that you may be dealing with emotional pain.


While headaches can have a host of contributing factors from stress, to changes in the weather, to even the foods we eat, one cause of unexplained headaches can also be buried emotional pain. Do you notice that the headaches are more likely on days you’ll have to see someone you may have unresolved issues with? Do they occur more frequently when you’re going to be dealing with situations that have been particularly stressful in the past?

One of the best ways to help your doctor find a diagnosis for you is to begin journaling everything you say, do, interact with, and eat on days when the headaches occur. This can help narrow down what may be triggering your headaches.


Are you suddenly having trouble sleeping? Or perhaps you are sleeping all night but wake up exhausted and have trouble focusing. Fatigue can be a sign of some serious medical maladies so you should always discuss it with your medical team. Tiredness can also be a sign that all is not well emotionally. Do you feel unquiet within when you wake? Are you suppressing sadness or pain before you go to sleep? These may be signs that you have some unresolved issues that need attention, or possibly even the help of a counselor who may recommend medication.

Weight Loss/Gain

Sudden weight loss or gain can be a sign of serious physical ailments, so you should always talk to your doctor about any sudden changes. But if you cannot find a medical culprit, emotional pain may be a possible explanation. Many people subconsciously binge to feel better, and others may lose their appetites because of emotional pain. Finding a mental health professional may be the best way for you to identify and process the emotional pain that could be affecting your weight.