How to Get a Killer Job Without Applying

How to Get a Killer Job Without Applying

What if we told you that you don’t have to wait for a listing to appear in the paper on or an internet job board in order to find your dream job? While thousands of job-seekers are tapping away at the keyboard, hoping to pull together an eye-catching resume, you might want to consider taking a completely different approach.

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Yes, having a resume is important, so is spending time on online job boards. But what can you do to really stand out? Keeping a presentable LinkedIn profile, networking with industry professionals, and reaching out to offer your services as an intern are all great places to start. Read the full article below to learn how to get out of the job application rut.

Go Beyond Applying for that Dream Job!

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Regularly review it to make sure your employment history (and job descriptions), certifications, and other important points are up to date. Recruiters often search LinkedIn for people who work in the industry they’re trying to fill jobs within, and they will reach out — even if you aren’t advertising that you’re looking for a job. It pays to keep your options open. Just remember to treat your LinkedIn profile like the resume it is. Keep your regular day-to-day and party updates to the other social platforms.

Join Professional Groups

The key here is to actually participate, not just join and become a name on the roster. Join a local professional organization and make going to the monthly meet-up or other events a priority. You’ll meet other people in your industry and the longer you’re there, the more people will come to remember you when opportunities arise.

Offer Internships or Apprenticeships

This one is golden. Don’t bother waiting for job opportunities to pop up online. Make a list of the companies you really want to work for and then start sending emails to the CEOs (note: not the human resource department). Send a brief yet stunning description of your skills and offer your services as an intern or apprentice. You may not land the biggest salary on the planet to start, but a company that hasn’t yet put up a job notice may find themselves considering your offer. Even if they don’t all work out, you’ll have opened the door to connect on LinkedIn (for future reference and networking) and to stay in touch.

Online job portals are helpful for those seeking work, but you may end up as one of hundreds of resumes submitted for the same job. Reverse engineer your thought process and you may just find you have more job offers coming your way than you ever anticipated.