Recharge with 5 Minute Meditation Breaks

Is stress zapping all your energy? So often we rely on caffeine and sugar to keep us going throughout the day, and we all know the toll that can take on our bodies and minds. More and more people are turning to holistic options like meditation to help recharge and revitalize.

The benefits of meditation are well documented. Meditation has been shown to do everything from increasing your grey matter to increasing test scores. But, it can be very difficult to find the time to meditate. Meditation can also feel intimidating for beginners. The good news is, you can start with small, manageable meditation sessions.

5 Minute Meditation Break Tips

Pose – The key to a short but productive meditation break is to take the time to get into a good meditation pose. Even if you’re just staying in your chair, sit up straight, don’t rely on the back of your chair and extend your neck to full height. Rest your hands thoughtfully on your knees or thighs.

Timer – Use the timer on your phone or watch to set that five minute limit and try not to go over or under your intended time. Focus on a quality meditation session, not a long one.

Breath – Take full, deep breaths and be sure to pay as much attention to your exhale as your inhale. Breathe in and out slowly and focus on each breath. Consider counting your breaths backward from seven to help your mind release from your most recent tasks.

Gaze – Eyes open or eyes closed is simply a matter of preference when it comes to meditation. However if you find you’re having trouble focusing on your breath, try closing your eyes and see if it helps. Try to think of your gaze as something metaphysical, not just the information that comes in through your eyes.

Observe – There is no right or wrong way for your mind to respond to meditation, and no thoughts are wrong or right. The goal is simply to try to observe your thoughts and not to actively engage with them. Observe how your mind and body engage with one another and the world around you.

Be – Meditation is all about simply allowing your soul to be, holding its center within your body. The goal is to release yourself from external forces while you take a few moments to simply tap into your own inner existence.

Re-immerse – When your timer goes off, stop it and allow yourself to slowly re-immerse in the world moving around you over the course of 3-5 more deep breaths.