See Why These Places Are Considered The Most Dangerous Spots On Earth

dangerous places

Earth is full of breathtaking sites and natural wonders. Despite how gorgeous it all is, there is also deadly disaster lurking everywhere. Some of the most fascinating places to visit are also the most dangerous.

Take a look at this video to see some of the riskiest vacation spots on the planet.

Death Valley

Death Valley truly lives up to its name: dry air, scorching heat, and poisonous animals. Many visitors have met their fate after getting heatstroke or falling off cliffs during their hike. Without taking precautions for extreme weather, a dry desert like this can be dangerous. 

Danakil Desert

Located in Ethiopia, the Danakil Desert contains a variety of strange phenomena. There, salty bodies of poisonous waters contain so much carbon monoxide that kills any birds that even fly over these pools. Nevertheless, travelers still visit the area to see the sites under the direction of tour guides. 

Sumatra Volcano

This active volcano frequently desolates the homes nearby—clouds of ash envelope the villages, followed by a devastating flow of lava. The gas emitted during eruptions also harms nearby residents, increasing the risks of living near this active Indonesian volcano. 

Snake Island

Surveys show that a fear of snakes is one of the most prominent phobias. With that considered, could you imagine the average tourist visiting an island completely overrun by them? Snake island is illegal to visit because of how many poisonous vipers live there. 

Lake Natron

This lake in Tanzania contains a chemical compound called natron exposed during low tides. The crimson waters of this lake trick the birds that fly above it to dive beneath the surface and drown. After being exposed to so much of the chemical, they calcify and turn into statue-like mummies. 

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