Easy Daily Karma Boosts

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Positive energy has amazing power to nourish the soul. Life can be hard, and the world can move far too fast, but putting a little positive energy out into the universe can have the double power of bringing positivity to others and to ourselves at the same time.

Whatever your specific belief system, even if you think of it in other terms, you probably believe in the underlying concepts cultivating good karma. Everything is connected, and when we put more good into the world than bad, we become a positive force.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the good contributions we make, so it’s good to take daily deliberate action to put good energy into the world. This is a list of simple habits you can form to boost your good karma output every day.


Be Thankful for Something New

Gratitude has immense transformative power. It can lift your soul and help you find beauty in the world that others might miss. Each day find something new to be thankful for. Thank the daisy for its bright, happy petals. Thank the sun for its warmth. You can even thank your coffee maker for doing its job every morning! The key is to be present and aware of the little forces for good that you may take for granted.

Truly Ask Someone How They Are

Our connections with others are some of the greatest sources of energy on the planet. It’s important to nourish those connections, so everyday check in with someone, whether they are close to you or just an acquaintance. Take an extra five minutes and go beyond polite salutations and ask someone how they’re really doing. Are they happy, are they sad, have they been struggling with something? Empathy has amazing power and it can heal not only the recipient, but the giver as well. Reach out and strengthen your bond with someone you know just a little bit each day.

Love Yourself

It might sound like this is selfish advice, but it isn’t. Each day, notice something you did really well. Maybe you ran further on the treadmill than usual. Maybe you threw away some litter on your street and no one else noticed. Maybe you simply remembered to turn off a light when you left a room. Give yourself credit for those little things you’ve done to improve yourself or the world around you. When you practice self care and learn to love yourself, you have more love to give to the world around you!