Ready for a Relationship? Read This First.

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Relationship

Still on the search for true love? Some people are lucky and marry their high-school sweethearts, while others may search for a lifetime to find their perfect match. Be it at 18 or 81, the timing isn’t always right for a new relationship. How do you tell if you’re ready? There’s no magic ball to gaze into, but these tips may help.

Insecurities From a Past Relationship?

Being single has its ups and downs, but lugging around emotional baggage can create challenges of its own. A bad past relationship, whether it be a parent, spouse or close friend, can leave scars that bare feelings of insecurity. The effects could be due to physical abuse, cheating or being verbally beaten down by a partner.

All those experiences can trigger insecurities and affect future relationships. If those feelings are still overwhelming, you may need more time before starting a new relationship. If you can’t resolve your feelings on its own, it could be time to seek professional help.

Don’t Jump From One Relationship to the Next

The man of your dreams has come at just the right time… but you’re still dating someone else. Your first impulse may be to cheat or leave your existing relationship. Neither is a good idea. Take some time and make sure it’s the right choice. End it with the current beau and allow yourself time to heal before heading into the next relationship.

Constructive Criticism

Whether you’re chatting with the girls or reflecting on some nasty tidbits your ex said to you when you were together, if others offer constructive criticism, stay open about it.

Common Issues

1 Diving into relationships without thinking.

2 Going back to an abusive partner.

3 Engaging in bad habits when with a partner.

4 Shutting out family members for a new boyfriend.

If loved ones have mentioned any of these, take a hard look. Could it be true? If so, get to the bottom of why your behavior changes when you’re with a certain person. Make positive steps to prevent it from recurring before getting involved in a new relationship.

Get Your Own Life Together First

Still living with the parentals? No job and no car? Need to finish college? It may not be the best time to give yourself to someone else. They deserve better, and so do you. Being independent and free from previous attachments can give you the fresh start your next relationship deserves. Otherwise, resentment and daily struggles may cause your new budding romance to fizzle.

While the love bug bites in unexpected ways, getting things in order first is important. Be the best version of yourself, nurture your psyche and practice daily self-care to ensure you’re prepared for the relationship to come.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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