Have You Been Using Dry Shampoo Wrong This Whole Time?

On days when you miss your alarm, and you’re on the go, dry shampoo is supposed to be a miracle product that saves your hair when you don’t have time to fix it. It prevents oil buildup, adds a voluminous body to your hair, and takes seconds to apply.

But is it possible that you’ve been using this product incorrectly this whole time? Here’s what not to do when you reach for your favorite dry shampoo.

DON’T Use It Daily

Dry shampoo is not meant to be a replacement for your daily hair washing routine. Although it fights against sweat and odor, it doesn’t cleanse your hair the same way washing does. 

Instead, use this product on the days you don’t have time for a long shower. A bottle of dry shampoo is really convenient when you’re in a rush in the morning or don’t have access to a shower while traveling.

DON’T Spray It On Your Ends

One of the biggest mistakes people make is spraying dry shampoo in the wrong place. In order to work best, it’s important to direct the bottle toward your scalp instead of the ends of your hair.

Placing dry shampoo in the wrong spot can create an awkward shape to your hairstyle. The volume the product creates works best at your roots so that your hair has more body.

DON’T Leave It Be

When you spray on dry shampoo, it’s crucial to use a hair tool like a brush or comb to add volume. Don’t just spritz a little bit of product into your hair and call it a day. 

The best way to get the most out of your dry shampoo is to tease your hair a bit after spraying it on. Part sections of your hair that are one inch wide, brushing the hair upwards from the middle of the section to the root. 

DON’T Buy Expensive Product

You don’t need to splurge on your dry shampoo in order to look your best. Avoid breaking the bank with an overpriced luxury product when you can use a comparable drugstore alternative.

If you’re really trying to pinch your pennies, you can even substitute baby powder to prevent an oily hairdo. For a fraction of the cost, you can apply the baby powder the same way you would with dry shampoo.