Capricorn Horoscope

Jun 23, 2021… Capricorns could find themselves filled right up with strong emotions today. If these feelings surface, it might be hard to get anything productive done. But, hey, if these are good feelings and you’ve got some warm fuzzies, it could be best to go with the flow and not worry about the “things to do.” You’ve got to allow yourself some downtime now and then, Capricorn! Allowing yourself to fully experience your feelings can help you clear your mind and get back on track to where you want to be.

Today’s Soul Advice: There is a lot we can learn about ourselves by watching how we react to the world and to people. If someone says something that angers you, you can ask yourself if it’s an issue you may need to delve more deeply into. Or perhaps something makes you unexpectedly delighted, which leads you to pick up a new hobby or pastime. Know thyself and then learn some more.