Cancer Horoscope

Jun 23, 2021… Cancers will be prone to make great progress today. The vibes will be right for you to knock out those things on your list one by one — with style! If you do get tripped up or feel overwhelmed, skip what you can and come back around to it later. Even if you have a lot to do, you have the potential to really hit it out of the park today. If you put your energy to good use, you’re bound to end the day feeling satisfied and proud of all that you’ve accomplished!

Today’s Soul Advice: There is a lot we can learn about ourselves by watching how we react to the world and to people. If someone says something that angers you, you can ask yourself if it’s an issue you may need to delve more deeply into. Or perhaps something makes you unexpectedly delighted, which leads you to pick up a new hobby or pastime. Know thyself and then learn some more.