Time for a Self-Care Day? Do This

Time for a Self-Care Day? Do This

In this hustle-and-bustle world, it’s all about meeting deadlines and helping others to get things done. But what about you? It’s important not to miss the big picture and put your own needs aside though that’s easy to do. Self-care day to the rescue! It means taking time out to replenish and devoting time to nurture mental health. Here are a few ideas to try when you need some self-care.

Indulge in Those Favorite Foods

Self-care is all about what brings happiness and comfort into the moment. For some people, this could be with food. Mindful eating and exercise are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it’s all right to indulge. Make it a self-care day by going to a wine-tasting with plenty of chocolate and cheese, splurging on gourmet ice cream or going with friends to everyone’s favorite restaurant.

Book a Spa for the Day

Devoting time to self-care means taking care of the Zen part of life. Balance is often key. Try finding it at a relaxing spa, and get all those special treatments done including:

  • Hair and makeup.
  • Skincare rejuvenation.
  • Massage or aquatic therapy.
  • Mani-pedi.

Whether it’s a solo session or a day with the besties, making time to do something relaxing can reignite that personal spark and wash away the doldrums.

Spend Some Time Alone

Sometimes just curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee in the garden is all one needs for tranquility. From taking care of kids to running a corporation, finding some alone time can be tricky, so grab it whenever possible. Catch a movie, head to the mall or spend a few hours solo at the local art studio — whatever brings you peace of mind.             

Do Something on Your Bucket List

Many people have that bucket list full of things they want to complete in this lifetime. Have one? Why not tackle it now rather than later? Figure out your budget, then take the time to make it happen. You could go to a specific rock concert, visit a dreamed-about destination or get a tattoo. Doing something important and special to you can bring a sense of accomplishment and peace.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

Trekking to the doctor or dentist doesn’t necessarily sound like something fun to do on a day off. Sometimes we have to sacrifice that time to really take care of ourselves. Don’t hold off on a dental checkup, genetic testing or a mammogram you’ve been putting off. The time is now, and being proactive about your health can improve your state of mind and promote a longer, happier life.

Pay the Bills or Clean Your Room

Self-care isn’t just indulgence. It’s relieving yourself of burdens you’re carrying and sometimes, that means we need to clean up the personal space and shed some unneeded worries. Doing tasks we’ve been putting off can make all the difference.

Self-care is all about what brings you back to your true inner being. Refueling the mind, body and soul in a healthy way combats stress and makes you feel better about yourself. Go ahead, schedule that self-care day — you deserve it.